finding a good lender

Did you know?

Different lenders and banks have different lending programs? It’s true! That is why it pays to do your homework and talk to a few lenders when considering a home purchase. Different banks can have programs that are a perfect fit for your particular situation. Former bankruptcy? Credit challenges? Self-employed? Investment property? First-time homebuyer? Recent job change? There are lenders who can provide guidance with these situations – in fact, I have a lender referral list that covers most of the more-challenging situations I have come across.

The lenders I work with will work collaboratively with you and with me as you allow. We all go into every meeting with a buyer thinking about the end goal – how can we get this transaction to close and get my buyers the keys. By thinking proactively, we are up front and will work with you to get over any hurdles.

Let’s go! Reach out to start the conversation and get referred to lenders who can help.

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