Preparing Your Home for Sale

Getting ready to sell? This can be an overwhelming time, but I will help as much as possible by walking your property with you and creating a space-by-space priority punchlist. This punchlist represents the basic repairs and maintenance that need to be done. I don’t weigh you down with a big to-do list. My goal is to get your property on the market within your timeline, polished to receive the most attention from buyers. It is all about strategy!

Buyer Inspection Preparation

Part of the home preparation is also to prepare for the home buyer’s inspection. That means checking on smoke detectors, shoring up any faucet leaks, replacing burned-out lightbulbs, and more. This is where the room-by-room punchlist comes in handy! In some cases, I even recommend getting a pre-inspection which can be provided to the buyer along with a list of the items that have already been fixed. This can build value to the buyer.

FHA Approval

When a buyer is utilizing an FHA loan, specific property standards must be met. This is critical as FHA approval means a larger pool of buyers. This is especially important when selling a condo. I am proactive and will gather the information ahead of time so the buyer can be confident in moving forward.

Professional Help

Should any of your repairs and maintenance require professional help, I have professionals ready to call – a lifesaver when contractors are hard to come by!

Termite Treatment

Termites are an ongoing challenge in our area, so I will get the pest control professionals to come out and provide a report on the current status. If treatment is needed, we can look at options. If no treatment is needed, that is great information for your buyer!

Curb Appeal

You only have a few seconds to make a strong first impression with a buyer. If light landscaping is needed for the front yard, we can help.


Finally, I will have the house professionally cleaned before we go on the market. I want your home looking its absolute best!

These are just some of the things you can expect when you work with me to sell your home. It is all about strategy that leads to selling success!