The Home Buying Process

Ready to buy? I am ready to help! We will start with customized home buying approach that is unique to each home homebuyer, all based on your wants, needs and home-buying budget. However, here are the basic steps most homebuyers can expect when working with me:

Buyer Consultation

During the buyer consultation we will talk about the type of home you are looking for, where you want that home to be located, your timeline, preferences for how you work and communicate, and more. I will also share what is happening with the real estate market and provide strategy based on your needs. Together, we will collaborate and make a plan!

Lending Consultation

Part of that Buyer Consultation will be discussing what you need in terms of a mortgage. You may already have talked with a lender and have what you need, or you may have not yet taken that step. In either case, I have great lenders that I would be happy to refer you to. Not all lenders are the best fit for every type of buying situation, but my expertise and experience will be put to work connecting you with the best options.

Home Search

Once I have an understanding of your buying needs and budget, I will get to work, finding properties that are a good match. Properties will be sent to you as they become available, and we can make a plan for those you want to take a closer look at.


When you find a home you are considering making an offer on, I will dive into the research. I will determine what the market indicates about price, review the preliminary Title report, and make sure the property specs match the listing. I will also contact the listing agent to find out as much information as I can. Then, if you are ready to move forward, we can write up the offer.


Are you ready to make an offer? Education is key! Before even making the offer, we will review the forms in detail, so you are comfortable with the offer parameters. Different things to address in the offer include offer price, timeline, inspection, the financials, neighborhood review, title review, and many others.


The seller may accept your offer, counter, or reject. If needed, I will put on my negotiating hat and work to get your offer mutually accepted. There are many items that can be negotiated and my strategy will depend on market conditions and the terms both parties need to come together on. My approach is to negotiate like a velvet hammer – nice and collaborative, but firm.


Once the offer is accepted, we will have the inspection scheduled. You can read more on my What Do I Need to Know About Home Inspections? page. I can also review the inspection report with you.


This is one of the biggest sticking points besides the inspection, but the research I conduct ahead of time should mean there are few surprises when it comes to the appraisal. If we do run into a situation in which the appraisal comes in below offer price, we can work on solutions to help us move forward.

Pending to Close / Escrow

Between mutual acceptance and closing, I’m very hands-on, providing you with deadlines and communicating with you about the steps required. You will also be receiving communication from your lender (if applicable) and escrow. I do tend to communicate directly with parties and get things closed quickly. I keep things simple, but keep them moving along, keeping everyone’s eyes on the prize – closing!

My expertise means years of transactions, experience, and professional connections. Over the years I’ve navigated a lot of situations and solved many problems.

When you are ready to buy, this experience can be invaluable. I look forward to helping you buy your next home!